The Aussie Can Carrier

100% Australian recycled plastic, made locally by locals!

We are a sustainable packaging solution based in Australia. Specialising in can carriers made from Australian recycled plastic. We are committed to reducing our environmental impact while supporting local manufacturing and renewable energy sources. With an emphasis on innovation and sustainability, we strive to provide practical and eco-friendly solutions for the beverage industry and beyond.


We repurpose for a different purpose. Our love of the craft, together with an environmentally friendly packaging solution, reaffirms our support of the local community and our stance of only supporting 100% Australian recycled plastic.


Our sleek can carrier has been streamlined to provide craft lovers with a comfortable, user-friendly and hygienic packaging solution. We’ve developed an easy grip and lightweight quality recycled plastic can carrier.


We’re craft enthusiasts with a focus on sustainable packaging solutions, manufacturing responsibilities and our social and economic support for local businesses who produce and offer a selection of their own craft.

Brewery Showcase: Exploring Our Handpicked Australian Breweries

We proudly support and service local breweries in Australia, fostering a community of mutual support among businesses.
Taking a handle on preserving our future.
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